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Applying for a new job is a process, and it's not always easy to know the best way to position yourself as the best candidate. This 5 day email course is structured to help you get noticed the next time you apply for a job that you want!


Lesson #1: Apply to the Right Jobs, the Right Way

You will learn about the concept of "meaningful work" as well as advanced strategies of the proactive job seeker.


Lesson #2: The Resumé is Overrated, But Still Important

The resumé serves a purpose, but too much emphasis is put on it. In this lesson you will learn that a functional resumé doesn't have to be a daunting undertaking. 


Lesson #3: Get Invited to Interview Every Single Time

This is the secret sauce of any job application, and I share with you how you can almost guarantee yourself a job interview if done right.


Lesson #4: Answering the Tough Interview Questions

Learn how to be prepared for those nasty little trick questions that happen throughout an interview. 


Lesson #5: The Ugly Art of Salary Negotiation

To get the salary that you want and deserve requires a certain mindset. Learn how to approach a negotiation the right way and set yourself up for a better offer.